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Argan oil nutritive cream 125ml.

Prevents aging & dryness. Argan Oil penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin and its properties stimulate the treatment of the...
-£1.00 £5.99 £6.99

Collagen Lifting Cream 125 ml.

Skin redensifying. Due to its high Collagen & Elastin content, This cream helps to reaffirm the texture of tissues and keeps the skin...
-£1.00 £5.99 £6.99

Eyeshadow palette Colors

Silky eye shadows with a pearlescent brightening hue gives the look a unique character and glow. Five shades in one palette guarantee a...
-5% £6.60 £6.95

Hair mask - 1000 ml

The hair mask contains nutritional agents and traffickers that nourish and regenerate the hair fiber of dry or damaged hair and facilitates...
-40% £6.99 £11.65